Welcome to RSA Canada.

You may not realize just by looking at us that we're a 300-year old insurance company.

That’s right. Worldwide, we date back to 1710.

We’re not even sure our favourite colours – pink and purple – were invented back then.

Our Canadian history goes way back to black and white too. We trace our Canadian roots to 1833.

We’re proud of our past, but we’re all about the future. A proud future powered by profitable growth and strong values.


Job types at RSA Insurance



We’re not just another big, boring insurance company. And we’re looking for the individuals to make the next chapter in our history as proud as the earlier chapters have been.

We need people of all backgrounds who:

  • Can shout out and be curious
  • Make things better
  • Keep their commitments
  • Are team-spirited and big-hearted
  • Are themselves – and proud of it!

Sound like you? You may be just who we’re looking for.


Make yourself at home

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and get comfortable. Take a look around. It’s time we got to know one another.


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